About Banking

On the Banking page, you can view and manage your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and bank transactions. You can also see details for each bank account, including the balance and the date the account was last reconciled.

Also on the banking page you can:

You can also change the order in which bank accounts appear on the Banking page. To do this, point to the Move button on the bank tile and drag the account to where you want it.

Viewing liability accounts

There was a formatting issue on this page, where liability balances (for example, loans and credit cards) displayed with a minus sign (-) instead of a plus sign (+). Most accounts are automatically updated to use the new format; however, you may see older liability accounts that display with the incorrect format. Additionally, the issue caused liability accounts to incorrectly show in the Assets section of the Balance Sheet report.

For consistency and tax compliance, we recommend you change any older liability accounts to use the correct format. Follow the steps below to move your older liability account balances to new accounts.

  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Open the older liability account and note the balance. If you connected it to your bank feed, check the date of the last cleared transaction and then open New Entry then click Disconnect Bank Account.
  3. Rename the account (for example, from Chase Visa to XXChase Visa) to identify it to be deleted later and to move it to the bottom of the bank list.
  4. Click Add a new account.
  5. Select Credit Card or Loan for the Account Type.
  6. Enter the details for the new account and then click Save.
  7. On the Banking page, select New and then Money Transfer.
  8. Select the renamed account in the Paid to Bank Account field.
  9. Select the new account in the Paid from Bank Account field.
  10. Enter the balance as a positive number of the renamed account in the Amount Transferred field.
  11. Optionally, enter a reference or description.
  12. Click Save. If the account was connected to your bank account, reconnect the new account. See Connect to your bank feed for more information.